Famous Enneagram Types

Famous people

  • Some famous people are excellent examples of particular types
  • You will note all the examples are of people no longer alive
  • However once you recognise types you will see examples of the types in living famous people
  • These portraits are offered with respect.  It is always necessary to use the information in the 12 Type Enneagram with respect.
  • We are not trying to trick anyone.
  • It is always only to understand and live better
  • Consult the Internet for examples of these people in action.  See how they behave.  For actors, often the roles they took were themselves
Audrey2 Lunar type (The Charming Adult-Child), Audrey Hepburn.

Breath-taking Audrey, delicate and vulnerable. Tough enough (as some children are) to survive the Nazi occupation of her homeland Holland.

Birdlike gestures. Able to draw people into her vision of the world (as Lunar types do). Finally an ambassador for Unicef – the kindness of Lunar types leads to their wanting to do something to help others.


Lunar-Venus type, (The Sexy, Affectionate Adult-Child), Marilyn Monroe.

The prime example of a child living in a woman’s voluptuous body. Confused. Wilful. Reckless – her sexual choices were unsatisfying. We worried (this often happens towards this vulnerable hybrid) about her welfare.

All the world mourns her tragic life and death. She symbolises something wonderful – and a tragedy we cannot avoid.


Venus type. (The Languid Lover). Elizabeth Taylor.

Earthy, sensuous. Always the complete woman. It was said she could not ‘live without love’. Towards the end of her life she devoted her passion to supporting people with Aids.

This is an example of how developed types transcend their limitations (in her case, moving from Venus type orientation to Jupiter type)


Venus-Mercury type. (The Busy, Fun-Loving Lover). John F. Kennedy.

The man who brought fun and sex to the White House. Charismatic.  Fun-loving. He suffered constant back pain from which he distracted himself with constant sexual conquest.


Mercury type.  (The Busy-Bodies: Businessmen/Comedians)  Danny Kaye.

No longer the most famous example. Watch YouTube clips to see the Mercury type in physical action.Scatty. Dynamic. Fizzing with physical energy.


Mercury-Saturn type.  (The Busy Thinker). Noel Coward.

Sparkling. Witty. Quick-thinking.Yet beneath the surface, deep thoughts about whether he was loved for himself or for his genius. Prolific output typical of this hybrid. Also typical is the range of output from genius to mediocre


Saturn type.  (The Philosopher-Creator).  Sigmund Freud.

Profound thinking produced his theories of our unconscious motivations.Not all his theories play out in reality. Yet his quality of mind has influenced and changed how we see human beings

Churchill Saturn-Mars type. (The Socially Active Thinker, Planner).  Winston Churchill.With his speeches and clear-eyed leadership he steered Britain through the Second World War.His self-belief gathered the nation around him. This is how the hybrid type operates.Worth noting that bad as well as good people embody the types – Hitler and Stalin are also this hybrid type


Scott Mars type. (The Athlete-Soldier, Sportsman).  George C. Scott.Oscar-winner in his day, now largely unremembered.  Chosen because his Mars type characteristics made him perfect for playing powerful, not always likeable, men.Power without compromise. Stormy in relationships – a warning to Mars types generally.
Mandela Mars-Jupiter type.  (Humanitarians.  Benevolent Forcefulness). Nelson Mandela. Capable of surviving many years of imprisonment to emerge a uniquely wise, sane leader.Like many other examples, indifferent to his own suffering.  Devoted to the cause of justice and freedom.


Bergman Jupiter type.  (Jolly ‘feeding’ Parent Figures, Givers, Peace-Makers).  Ingrid Bergman.  Lovely to look at, but it is her goodness of character that made her so attractive. Generous, self-effacing (unusual for an actor but typical of this type).


Trapp Jupiter-Lunar type.  (The Fairy-Tale Friend, Parent-Child). Maria von Trapp as portrayed by Julie Andrews. She relates to the children as a child but at the same time stands up for them as an adult.She finds love but runs away from it at first. The children, and audiences everywhere, fall in love with her fairy-tale qualities. We want a friend/parent/pal just like her



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Matthew Campling

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