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Questions & Answers about your Friends

Q:        I’m guessing that some types make better friends than others?

A:        It’s not that simple.  More that some types fit better with other types in friendship.  If you know the types, you can add whatever’s missing

Q:        I’m also guessing that friends would help me understand the types?

A:        Yes!  Don’t keep the 12 Type Enneagram a secret.  It’s often others who tell us what type we are.  Of course we can do the same for others

You can use the Enneagram to understand what is necessary in friendships; if you are puzzled as to why a friendship ended;  or why you do not click with certain people.

Use the 6 type energies to understand what every friendship needs:

  • Lunar type – beginning.  Two people meet and want to become friends
  • Venus type – emotion.  You both need to feel something for the friendship
  • Mercury type – organising.  Effort needs to be made to meet.  To stay in contact
  • Saturn type – deeper meaning.  What holds the friendship together?
  • Mars type – increased power.  Unit bigger than two singles.  Both sacrifice for good of friendship
  • Jupiter type – benevolence.  Wanting the other to be happy.  To feel supported.  Valued

Now examine your present and past friendships.

Do or did they have all these elements?  Which ones are/were missing?
If the friendship is now, can you add what’s missing?

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Matthew Campling

Matthew Campling

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