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Questions & Answers about your Family

Q:        I bet you have met lots of survivors of bad families

A:        Yes.  I use the 12 type Enneagram to explain the family dysfunction

Q:        Does it matter what parent types we had?

A:        Greatly!  Two Lunar type parents.  This gives you a family being run by two adult children.

Q:        My mother was very controlling and critical.  My father very loving.  Always laughing.

A:        Sounds like a Mars type mother, Jupiter type father

Q:        My parents are highly intellectual.  Saturn type, right?

A:        Sounds like it.  Remember the importance of Venus type.  That’s where we go for emotional 1-to-1. Children need to feel loved.  Not just educated


2 Responses to Family

  • Diana says:

    This is really interesting – a different way of looking at family dynamics. Do you think a Venus type is really the ideal mother? I would say mine is more likely a Mercury Saturn hybrid.

    • Matthew Campling says:

      A developed Venus type would certainly be a loving, attentive mother. An undeveloped Venus type could display all the disadvantages – selfishness, vanity, total preoccupation with self to the exclusion of her children. A Venus type benefits from accessing some Mercury energy to give her the energy for all the things the mother finds herself doing for her children. A Mercury Saturn hybrid would be moving away from the emotion of Venus, towards the deep thinking of Saturn type . This might mean that the mother would be sincerely interested in supporting and developing the daughter’s intellect and definitely wanting her to self-actualise. Don’t forget that we have all the type energies within us, so the more developed the individual, the more they would be able to access, in this case, Venus type energy.

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