The Six Hybrid Energy Types


Perhaps you do not recognise yourself or someone else in the six main type energies? You may be a hybrid.

Hybrid means that the person:

Has two essence energy influences
These are consecutive – e.g. Mars and Jupiter hybrid is called: ‘Mars-Jupiter Type’.

Having two influences can be an advantage e.g. – Mercury-Saturn hybrid type has speed (Mercury type influence) and deep thinking (Saturn type influence)

However the two influences may make the person more vulnerable – e.g. Lunar-Venus type hybrid or Jupiter-Lunar type hybrid.

At any moment the person will be somewhere on the line between the two types – this changes all the time.

The Lunar-Venus Type:  The Sexy, Affectionate Adult Child

  • Innocence/Naivety – Lunar type influence
  • Sensuality – Venus type influence
  • A reckless child wrapped in an adult body – this is the most vulnerable of the types.
  • Charming and desirable – but lack the patience and persistence needed for security (which they always crave)
  • Sex values – they define themselves sexually while not really understanding the power they wield
  • Insecure – moving away from Lunar type’s intuitive knowledge, not yet securely in Venus type’s emotional responsibility
  • Live dangerously – like to tell those who care about them about their reckless behaviour
  • Self-dismissive – even when they have serious issues, they can ignore them and then suffer the consequences
  • Not stable – often seek jobs where they can drop in and out – acting, waitressing, freelance
  • Main limitation: Will not sort out their problems.  Live constantly in panic and drama
  • Solution: Learn about the emotional responsibility and self-care of Venus type.  Practise it until they can look after themselves

Marilyn Monroe

Famous Lunar-Venus type: Marilyn Monroe.  Everyone’s tragic darling.  The world mourns but who could have helped?  Many tried but the Lunar-Venus type energy finds real change virtually impossible.  Instead they trust only themselves (and in Marilyn’s case, drugs to cope with her terrible past/ongoing insecurities)


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