The Six Hybrid Energy Types


Perhaps you do not recognise yourself or someone else in the six main type energies? You may be a hybrid.

Hybrid means that the person:

Has two essence energy influences
These are consecutive – e.g. Mars and Jupiter hybrid is called: ‘Mars-Jupiter Type’.

Having two influences can be an advantage e.g. – Mercury-Saturn hybrid type has speed (Mercury type influence) and deep thinking (Saturn type influence)

However the two influences may make the person more vulnerable – e.g. Lunar-Venus type hybrid or Jupiter-Lunar type hybrid.

At any moment the person will be somewhere on the line between the two types – this changes all the time.


John F Kennedy: a typical Venus-Mercury hybrid


Venus-Mercury Type: Busy, fun-loving Lovers

  • Emotion – Venus type influence
  • Speed – Mercury type influence
  • Warm – with a solid group of long-time friends
  • Organised – busily sorts out papers, home, office – likes things tidy
  • Disorganised – where speed is more important than finishing tasks
  • Thinking – a long way from Saturn type deep thinking.  Tends to use speed rather than thought
  • Thoughtful – when it’s an emotional issue, will suddenly come through
  • Difficult  – too many tasks leads to rigid behaviour
  • Main Limitation: Does not consider before making plans.  Relies on energy rather than thinking through
  • Solution:  Slow down, drop unnecessary appointments, concentrate on thinking each issue through

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