The Six Hybrid Energy Types


Perhaps you do not recognise yourself or someone else in the six main type energies? You may be a hybrid.

Hybrid means that the person:

Has two essence energy influences
These are consecutive – e.g. Mars and Jupiter hybrid is called:  ‘Mars-Jupiter Type’.

Having two influences can be an advantage e.g. – Mercury-Saturn hybrid type has speed (Mercury type influence) and deep thinking (Saturn type influence)

However the two influences may make the person more vulnerable – e.g. Lunar-Venus type hybrid or Jupiter-Lunar type hybrid.

At any moment the person will be somewhere on the line between the two types – this changes all the time.


Noel Coward: a typical Mercury-Saturn Type

The Mercury-Saturn Type: The Busy Thinker

  • Speed – Mercury type influence
  • Thinking – Saturn type influence
  • Prolific – speed plus thinking results in authors/painters/composers with larger output
  • Timely – speed of work plus original thinking highly prized today
  • Impressive – give them a job and it gets done thoroughly, on time
  • Generic – disadvantage of speed – tends to come to instant, expected, conclusion
  • Confused – creates problems by thinking they can use speed.  Often discovers situation outside their control
  • Surface – too many directions, not enough focus and persistence
  • Main limitation:  Half-finished, half-baked.  Finds it difficult to draw limits.  And to extract all the worth from their efforts
  • Solution:  Advance with mindfulness to deep-thinking Saturn.  Learn to slow down and think things through

2 Responses to Mercury-Saturn hybrid

  • Christian Jones says:

    Please help me to find out my type. Thanks and God Bless!

  • andi pandi says:

    you insights are not remotely as deep, meaningful or sophisticated and impressive as the much more holistic Enneagram.. and bare absolutely no relation to it.. so far too cheeky for you to use that word..

    in my case i am according to you a mercury saturn type… maybe true .. but like i say nothing like as a complete a description as “number 5 with tendency to present myself as number 8”..

    enneagram gets its name from the word for nine.. so “12 type enneagram” is an oxymoron as well as a blasphemy in terms of your thing being completely and utterly different..

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