The Six Hybrid Energy Types


Perhaps you do not recognise yourself or someone else in the six main type energies? You may be a hybrid.

Hybrid means that the person:

Has two essence energy influences
These are consecutive – e.g. Mars and Jupiter hybrid is called: ‘Mars-Jupiter Type’.

Having two influences can be an advantage e.g. – Mercury-Saturn hybrid type has speed (Mercury type influence) and deep thinking (Saturn type influence)

However the two influences may make the person more vulnerable – e.g. Lunar-Venus type hybrid or Jupiter-Lunar type hybrid.

At any moment the person will be somewhere on the line between the two types – this changes all the time.

The Jupiter-Lunar type: Fairy-Tale friend / Parent / Child

  • Responsible adult – Jupiter type influence
  • Naïve adult child – Lunar type influence
  • Confused – they don’t know if they are looking for someone to take care of.  Or to be taken care of themselves
  • Friendships – often builds complicated web of dependent relationships.  Then gets overwhelmed with responsibility
  • Sex – finds it difficult (parent and child but not lover)
  • Needs – tends to forget own needs.  Then desperately looks for husband/lover/family to experience being vulnerable
  • Situations – very good at accepting people as they are.  This can lead to impossible situations they battle to keep alive
  • Main limitation: Confusion of which of two very different (adult? (child?) inner influences and drives to follow.
  • Solution: Learn to integrate need to look after/be looked after.  Go to Venus type energy for 1-to-1 personal relationship

2 Responses to Jupiter-Lunar

  • Not sure if this sent, so I’m resending. Not sure if I’m Mars-Jupiter or Saturn Mars, or just plain old Saturn, I did read your book and put together all the indications that seem to apply into a table. I’d be interested in your help.

    Also, do you do one-on-one consultations in London? My girlfriend and I would be interested. If not, is there someone else you recommend, please?

    Have you looked at the work of Marko Rodin around Vortex math – which uses the 12-step enneagram? Fascinating stuff.

    Also, have you thought much about the correlations to musical harmonics? I’ve done some work around harmonic theory – and the part about the Solfeggio may be of interest to you – on my web-site, below.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.



    • admin says:

      Hi – sorry it’s taken so long. There isn’t anyone else in the UK on the wonderful 12-Type Enneagram – but I do offer personal sessions. And I live in North London near a tube. You can email me on for more on this. Since you are interested in meeting, it’s best we keep the rest of your interesting communication till we meet. Thanks Matthew

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