What are the 12 Types?

• All have planetary names

• We have all the different energies. Some greater, some less

• By learning our type we then know how to develop

• The definitions are extraordinarily precise. Once you know them, you will see them everywhere. In yourself and others

• You will see the types go from the youngest (Lunar type) to the most powerful and world embracing (Mars-Jupiter type). In this way the 12 types cover all the possibilities for humankind

6 Main Types:

Lunar type (1)– The Charming Adult Child
Venus type (4) – The languid lover
Mercury type (2) The busy-body
Saturn type (8) – The creator philosopher
Mars type (5) – The athlete-warrior
Jupiter type (7) – The jolly, feeding parent

6 Hybrid Types

Lunar-Venus type – The Sexy, Affectionate Adult Child
Venus-Mercury type – The Busy, Fun-Loving Lover
Mercury-Saturn type – The Busy Thinker
Saturn-Mars type – The Socially Active Thinker, Planner
Mars-Jupiter type – The Humanitarian, Benevolent Forcefulness
Jupiter-Lunar type – The Fairy-Tale Adult/Child

You will find descriptions of all the types elsewhere on this site

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Matthew Campling

Matthew Campling

Your 12 Type Enneagram host is London psychotherapist and author Matthew Campling. Matthew has written the first EVER book on this wonderful system ‘The 12 Type Enneagram: Know Your Type: Improve Your Life’ Published by and available from Watkins, selected bookshops and Internet suppliers including Amazon.co.uk.

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