Be With the Right Person

Each type understands concepts and ideas in their own way.

So each type sees love in their own way:

  • Lunar type – looks for someone to take care of them.  Wants to remain the child
  • Venus type – wants to drench them in passion.  Love cures all!
  • Mercury type – finds love too problematic.  Speeds away
  • Saturn type – Love feelings do not come spontaneously.  Can be deeply devoted once they’ve thought it through
  • Mars type – love is conquering.  Love is possession.  Colonisation
  • Jupiter type – love is cozy.  Comforting.  Prefer to love those who need it

Obviously which type you are has a great bearing on which type you should look to love.

Rule of thumb: the most rewarding relationship is with the type in front of you – so you can experience how they do the things you need to learn.  However – if you know the 12 Type Enneagram – you can overcome many of love’s pitfalls.

Book title coming
My second book on the 12 Type Enneagram will be ‘The 12 Types of Love’. Click here for a sample chapter

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Matthew Campling

Matthew Campling

Your 12 Type Enneagram host is London psychotherapist and author Matthew Campling. Matthew has written the first EVER book on this wonderful system ‘The 12 Type Enneagram: Know Your Type: Improve Your Life’ Published by and available from Watkins, selected bookshops and Internet suppliers including

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