Lunar type (1)

Definition: The Innocent, Charming Child-Adult

  • Independent – can lead to isolation and believing they have to do everything instead of logically asking for help
  • Creative – often taken to extreme.  Lunar types live in a self-made fantasy world.  Instead of understanding the world they make their version of it – and then believe in whatever they have constructed
  • Naïve and innocent – may say and do inappropriate things ‘older’ types would not
  • Vulnerable – like children. Easily overwhelmed by too many demands
  • Warm and generous – although like children they sometimes regret their generosity and want things back
  • One of the two intellectual types (Saturn (8) is the other).
  • Main limitation:  lack of self care.  Go for long periods without even routine maintenance.  Don’t understand why they have to fit into the world.
  • Solution:  Learn about emotional and personal responsibility by seeing and learning how Venus type works.

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Matthew Campling

Matthew Campling

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