The 12 Type Enneagram can be employed as a psychometric tool for all aspects of personnel management:

  • Hiring – Understand someone’s essence type at the outset. This allows for a much better job-person fit. Weed out applicants who present well but lack the essential qualities needed for the job
  • Team – Recognise and work with team members’ strengths and weaknesses. Be alert for predictable issues.
  • Development – Use the progressive value of the 12 Type Enneagram to accurately grow team member performance.
  • Feedback – Identify type to overcome limitations. Problems develop out of a lack of information about essence types and utilising the right energy.
  • Disciplinary – Knowing a defaulting worker’s essence type enables precise, appropriate disciplinary action. Individuals will experience relief once they discover it’s not them, it is type limitation. This also provides the solution: by knowing where they need to go to fill in what they are missing, workers achieve higher productivity
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Matthew Campling

Matthew Campling

I am available either in person or online to advise on developing the 12 Type Enneagram for your business and personnel requirements.

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Matthew Campling

Matthew Campling

Your 12 Type Enneagram host is London psychotherapist and author Matthew Campling. Matthew has written the first EVER book on this wonderful system ‘The 12 Type Enneagram: Know Your Type: Improve Your Life’ Published by and available from Watkins, selected bookshops and Internet suppliers including

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