Mercury type (2)

Definition: The Busy-Body: Business/Comedian type

  • Fast-moving – likes to keep busy, keep lots of balls in the air
  • Organised – efficient, dislikes chaos, knows where things are
  • Non-romantic – doesn’t like to slow down for an embrace or anything heavy
  • Self-belief – satisfaction comes from the number of activities they do, not how deeply they go into the issue
  • Reliable – we turn to Mercury type to know the best restaurant, newest gadget
  • One of the two movement types (slowest-moving Jupiter type (7) is the other)
  • Main limitation.  Doesn’t go into depth, often can’t see the point of working on relationships.  Too many projects started not completed.
  • Solution: Slow down, think things through, get to know the serious depths of Saturn type

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Matthew Campling

Matthew Campling

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