Saturn type (8)

Definition: Philosopher-Creator

  • Deep thinkers – Serious, passionately involved in questioning their lives and all of Life
  • Deep creators – often our great writers, scientists, inventors, film makers.
  • Meaning and importance – they are not interested in chatter and wasting time. They are involved in worthwhile projects.
  • Anti-social – their inner world is what interests them.  Constantly researching, learning about unusual things
  • Natural authority figures – others turn to them for their knowledge, and the dignity of their presence
  • Anti-exercise – not interested in the body’s needs
  • Sense of frustration – seeing everything in complex ways makes putting their point across and explaining things difficult
  • The second intellectual type (Lunar type (1) is the other)
  • Main limitation: Living in their complex mind.  Not confident about sharing their understanding with others
  • Solution: Rather than worrying about not being perfect, to access the bold, confident, direct Mars type

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Matthew Campling

Matthew Campling

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