Jupiter type (7)

Definition:  Jolly ‘Feeding’ Parent Figure, ‘Giver’, Peacemaker

  • Devoted to laughter – they have learned that by laughing you smooth out anger, dissolve anxiety, take out the sting
  • Warm, slow-moving – slowest of the types because they are ‘Mother Earth’ or the ‘Benevolent Old Man’.
  • Detest negativity, war, cruelty, neglect of others – they suffer over the things that are wrong in life
  • Family-loving – quietly devoted, not great party-givers, dislike being the centre of attention
  • Selfless – attractive to others, but not that interested in sex and 1-to-1 relationships because their attention is on the whole world and universal issues.
  • Relationships – tend to get involved only with people who need them.
  • Self-sacrificing – find it easier to take the fallout.  May take abuse from others to somehow feel better about themselves.
  • Big causes – world hunger, war, rights of women and gay people, child protection – they know it can’t be solved but these are the issues that are enormous enough to fully occupy their need to be of service
  • Main limitation: Burning out from all that’s wrong in the world.  Suffering in ways that don’t help anyone, especially themselves
  • Solution: Learn to do things for fun, let go of some of the grief and guilt, and enter the childlike irresponsibility of Lunar type (1).

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Matthew Campling

Matthew Campling

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