Help Others Improve Their Lives

First know the types. Then look for type behaviour around you.

See someone in particular.  Make a tentative guess at their type.Look for evidence to support.

Be always ready to take in new evidence. Remember we have all energies. So we all do things out of type.

Once you are sure what type someone is:

  • You will know what they are missing.
    What advice will help.  Or what they will respond to positively
    Always use the information in the 12 Type Enneagram with respect
    You can always share the information with them
  • Be aware that some types resent the idea that they can be clearly seen!
  • So be subtle (Venus type energy)
  • And generous (Jupiter type)
  • Do not try to control (Mars type)
  • But do explain carefully (Saturn type)

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Matthew Campling

Matthew Campling

Your 12 Type Enneagram host is London psychotherapist and author Matthew Campling. Matthew has written the first EVER book on this wonderful system ‘The 12 Type Enneagram: Know Your Type: Improve Your Life’ Published by and available from Watkins, selected bookshops and Internet suppliers including

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