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Questions & Answers about your work

Q:      What’s on this site for me?

A:      An introduction to a new way of understanding yourself.  Living your life.

Q:      How will this help my work?

A:      What work to you mean?

Q:      I suppose I mean what everyone means – where I make money

A:      There’s a post on that elsewhere on the site

Q:      So what work are you talking about?

A:      Let me ask you some questions:

How serious are you about your life?

How much effort will you put into personal growth?

What do you think really matters?

Don’t you wonder why people seem to make such a mess of their lives?

Are you hoping you won’t do the same – but don’t know how to do things    differently?

Q:      So this is some sort of religion?

A:      No.  Religion requires faith – you are not expected to ‘believe’ anything.  You are given the information – the tools – to understand yourself and others in a new way.

Q:      Or big theory?

A:       Not something that’s been made up.  The Enneagram codifies ancient knowledge.  First understand how to unlock the code.  Then use the information.  Work it.

Knowing your type

You will be able to overcome limitations to your type.  You will know which type to access:  e.g. Lunar type.  Needs to be organised (Mercury type).  Knows to access Mercury type and then return to Lunar type so as not to burn out.

You will be able to understand your boss/manager better.  Know what is important to them:

Lunar type – Playfulness.  Imagination.  Casual approach

Venus type – Meticulous.  Careful, well co-ordinated work

Mercury type – Technical prowess.  Fast delivery.

Saturn type – Responds well to depth work, research

Mars type – Prizes loyalty.  Effort. Dedication

Jupiter type – Cheerfulness.  No dramas.  Concern for greater picture

Understand what careers work/do not work for your essence type:

Lunar type:

Recommended: Advertising. Media. Acting
More difficult: Management. Multi-tasks.  Doctor.  Politician

Venus type:

Recommended: Interior design.  Beauty industry.  Swimming instructor
More difficult: War correspondent.   PA to CEO.  Vet

Mercury type:

Recommended: Computer repair.  Restaurant critic.  Teacher

Saturn type:

Recommended: Author.  Analyst.  Film director
More difficult: Company spokesperson.  Aerobics instructor

Mars type:

Recommended: Manager.  Soldier.  Politician.  Lawyer.
More difficult: Unemployed.  Waiter.  Cleaner

Jupiter type:

Recommended: Social worker.  Volunteer.  Doctor.  Chef.  Entertainer
More difficult: Butcher.  Bailiff.

(What occupations have you had?  Which worked better?  Why?)

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Matthew Campling

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