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Questions & Answers about your Lovelife

Q:        Is this also a dating site?

A:        Often people choose who they date based on all the wrong markers.  Do they make you laugh?  How much money they make.  Whether or not the sex is ‘dynamite’.

Q:        But how else do I know who to fall in love with?

A:        Been in love before?  Notice how all the above markers don’t actually help much?  These are the biggest mistakes:

a).  You fall in love because you like one thing.  You assume the rest follows

b).  You fall in love with someone because you can’t be alone

c).  You fall in love because your friends are getting married

Q:        But what else can I do?

A:        Look at the above from the 12 type Enneagram:

Do they make you laugh? Could be a Lunar type (fun friends, difficult partners).  How much money?  Could be a Mars type (often financially successful.  But do you want to be controlled?).  Is the sex dynamite? Could be a Venus type (great to date but can you keep up with their demands?)

Q:        So now I understand the types.  What now?

A:        Review past relationships.  See if you can work out what types your lovers were.  Now do you understand why it came to an end?

Q:        So what can I do?

A:        Some types love better with some other types.  Some types are difficult for some types to love at all.  The 12 Type Enneagram gives you the information.  It’s up to you to work it.

Each type understands love in their own way:

  • Lunar type – looks for someone to take care of them
  • Venus type – wants to drench them in passion
  • Mercury – finds love too problematic.  Speeds away
  • Saturn type – does not come naturally.  Can be deeply devoted
  • Mars type – love is conquering.  Love is a possession
  • Jupiter type – love is cozy.  Comforting.  Love those who need it
  • Obviously which type you are has a great bearing on which type you should look to love
  • Rule of thumb: the most rewarding relationship is with the type in front of you – so you can experience how they do the things you need to learn
  • However – if you know the 12 Type Enneagram – you can overcome many of love’s pitfalls.
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Matthew Campling

Matthew Campling

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