Mars Type (5)

Definition: Athlete-Soldier, Sportsman


  • Direct, bold – they believe they know what’s right and they aren’t afraid to make others do it their way
  • Powerful – self-belief propels them up the career ladder
  • Physical – sportsmen, weight-lifters, skiers.  Physical challenges turn them on
  • Family-oriented – trust their family members because they have proven their loyalty.  Can be generous to others as long as they don’t cross them
  • Social circle – likes to be the centre.  Truly dislikes having to be part of someone else’s entourage
  • Highly competitive – great sufferers of status envy/anxiety if others they know do better than them
  • Warriors not philosophers – unsubtle, often abrasive, may be seen by others as ‘scary’
  • The second earth type (indirect Venus type (4) is the other)
  • Main limitation: need for others to bend to their will.  Cannot be wrong, cannot accept any criticism
  • Solution: See beyond their own egos.  Create real worth by embracing the generous and warm, outward and universal concerns of Jupiter type (7).

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Matthew Campling

Matthew Campling

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